Photography is a living and developing craft that helps to capture the most unforgettable moments or views to make them last a life time. With today’s technology everyone can easily take a photo of a good quality yet it takes a good eye to turn that photo into a piece of art. A few years back people didn’t see photography as art, where art was only associated with painting and sculpture, while photography was only a means of memories.  Yet this mentality is changing and people are opening their minds and accept photography into the business and culture of art.

One can think that a photographer has minimal work when compared to a painter, yet you need to be involved in the process to actually understand that it takes time to create a spectacular photo. You can’t just decide to go on the spot with your equipment and capture your vision with the first trial, but it involves planning, calculating, imagination and patience to produce a piece of art from your camera. Technology helps photographers to capture the moment and transform it into a more artistic side with the use of software that enhances the beauty of a photo.

Like any other craft there are different styles and methods within photography and different people prefer and like different outcomes. One of the most popular and current styles is Spot Photography which is a specialty of Frank Assaf, a Jew photographer with an unbelieve eye for detail and a huge sense of creativity. He visits the world along with his camera and a couple of props and lets his imagination take control.

A person can easily go to France and take a photo of the Eiffel Tower, yet it takes a photographer to turn that image into a totally new piece of art. He spends hours and days going around the streets examining every detail and every spot to capture what is very difficult for our eyes to see. Weather and time of day make a huge difference in each photo and in the result that comes along with it. After hours of shooting, the post process comes where the photographer creates different outcomes of the same photo exploring different styles.

One of the special features in photography art is spot photography. It is a specialty of Assaf Frank, where he gives importance to a simple every day object with a spectacular background, yet your eye will focus on the object you least expect to give importance to.

This new and innovative style is being used in people’s homes extensively in Malta and around the world. It helps to create a point of focus with the use of colour where you least expect it. The most common trend is red on a black and white photo, yet one can easily change the colour according to his or her need. Such photographs are mounted with minimal profiles so that the focus will remain on the photo and the beauty of its composition.