For decades and decades people involved precious materials in their lifestyle. These materials were highly associated with wealth and status. The most common precious materials widely used since their discovery are metals such as gold and silver. Nowadays these tend to be used in a variety of methods such as in decorating materials, jewellery and technology.

The use of silver helps to brighten people’s mood and pertains a smoothing effect because that sparkly effect always cheers you up. At times when the weather is so dull and gloomy, and a headache is always knocking on the door, a bit of silver makes you feel like a timeless Snow Queen. Within our society silver is more associated with contemporary styles and has a more cold approach. On the other hand gold is more timeless and traditional and is mostly associated with classic and elaborate styles. It helps to increase that luxury feel and also creates warmth since it comes from the colour scale of orange.

Sometimes Gold is associated with classical home interiors where everything is elaborate. Being exposed to such details your eyes tend get tired and you lose half of the beauty of every piece in that room, yet we can assure you that this is not always the case, since gold can be present both in the most elaborate piece of furniture to the simplest and most modern looking surroundings.

Our company has been involved in the use of these basic colours for the past 30 years. We have manufactured a myriad of wall framing solutions capturing and evolving every idea into a work of art thus gaining the expertise in decorating people’s homes. From classic to modern, from vintage to contemporary, with people from all walks of life, with different tastes and trends, everyone tend to all have a flare from these two basic colours.

People tend to associate gold with bombastic and elaborate frames with classic designs and huge amount of details that turn a house into a palace. Yet a golden frame can be also simple, sleek, modern and plain used in the most minimal of houses.


The industry uses silver to enhance depth and create a modern atmosphere. Since silver has a form of mirror effect and reflects, it is inclined to make rooms look bigger and more spacious. Yet a silver frame is not just that flat, modern, silk looking frame. It can be also elaborate, classic and vintage.

Whether choosing a Gold or Silver frame doesn’t depend only on the trend or style but it depends on what pleases the eye and what looks good to you personally and also with the rest of the room. Where in today’s world people are mixing together gold and silver, classic and modern, art and photography, it is important keep in mind the image that you have when choosing a frame, the statement that the picture gives and the message behind it.

Wall framing is not only based on the trends that are around us, but mostly based on taste, personality and most of all what reflects you and your home.