Who We Are?

For over 35 years, we have been helping our customers to develop their own style by supplying a range of bespoke services, from printing down to framing.

Our extensive experience allows us to recognize current trends in design, printing and framing, so that we are always able to provide the best possible solutions.

We constantly invest in advanced technology, in order to produce works and services at the highest possible standards.

This approach has been proved successful throughout the years, and to this day we enjoy public trust as the leader in the local market. We manage four stores and we distribute to over 90 retail outlets, in Malta but also abroad:  at present, we export to diverse markets such as Norway, Sweden, Spain and the Middle East.

Our Mission



Every individual has their own personal style which defines their personality, character and background. Style is something that is formed by time and at Deco Manufacturing Ltd Malta we try to use our own style in everything we buy since an object is able to define us. Style is mostly present in homes where each home has its own different character which represents the people living there.

As quoted “On matters of style, swim with the current, on matters of principle, stand like a rock.” Where you should create your own visual design… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others. A person has his own tastes when it comes to clothing, interests, way of life and the same goes to interior decorating. One can transform style into themes from Ethnics, Abstract, Floral, Contemporary, Still Life and so on.

Each style represents different aspects of a person’s character. People have different ideas that are created from a wide range of factors such as trends, media, friends, family and so on. A creative idea comes from inspiration which may take ages to form or else it will come in seconds. Ideas are like a river within us, they never seem to end flowing, and are accentuated by every small word or action.

Inspiration is the urge of creativity and style. One will decide his style due to inspiration and by time this can change. Your approach can be individual or else influenced, it depends every individual. Even though a person has a style and idea in mind, they can only be made possible if one finds the resources needed. There is no better place that one can turn his or her inspirations into reality. With our expertise, craftsmanship and diversity of products and services offered, Deco can help you achieve your inspirations and ideas to a final product that is a joy for life.


As a company style is very important to us, we have been in the art and framing industry in Malta for more than 35 years and were able to distinguish changes in design and framing trends which helped us to expand our expertise in this sector and also helped us grow as a company. For us style can vary from elegant to avant-garde and also emotional. When we deal with our customers we try to get their ideas, what inspired them, their way of life and most of all their home style.

There are also customers who leave it in our hands to brighten up their walls and that is where our highly trained staff can help them transform that blank idea into a stylish finish. Customers involvement is vital in choosing the best option, whether framing or a finished piece of art that suits their tastes and needs. We believe in the satisfaction and fulfilment of the desires and ideas of our customers as that brings so much joy and compensation to Deco Manufacturing. We can help our customers select from a variety of frames, art pieces, styles materials and products in different finishes.

We believe that a home is something that is precious to a person and where memories are built and eventually kept and so together with Deco, one can achieve that perfect ambience for unforgettable memories. Like a man needs a bow to complete his tuxedo a home needs Deco to be a complete perfect home for now and forever. Remember that you don’t need to change a home to change the atmosphere, but turn things around; buy those little things that make a difference and the result? You have a brand new home each time!